For a variegated effect, follow these instructions!

1. You’ll need a pot, a spoon and a bowl that you don’t normally use for cooking (Our dye kits contain Greener Shades dye powder, which does not contain heavy metals, but it’s better to keep dye away from your cooking pots).

2. Inside your kit you’ll find: A skein of 100% US grown and spun Superwash Merino yarn, a little packet of gelatin capsules that contain dye powder and food grade citric acid. Both of the bags are compostable, so please compost them when you are finished!

NOTE: The gelatin is naturally sticky, and so is the citric acid. For a less sticky dyeing experience, don’t use the citric acid capsules (white) and use ¼ cup of white Vinegar instead!

3. Untwist your skein, then RE-TWIST the skein so that it is nice and loose. A tighter twist will give you more white, a looser skein will give you less white. Fill your bowl half-full with warm water. Lower this loose skein it into the warm water. At this point, you can go pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage! The yarn should soak for about 15 min. More is fine.

4. Now, fill your pot about three quarters of the way full. Take your capsules, and drop them into the pot. Bring the water and capsules to a simmer, and stir until fully dissolved.

5. When the dye bath is fully dissolved, take the loose skein of yarn out of the warm water, squeeze out excess water, and re-assess your skein. Should it be tighter? Adjust as desired.  In this demonstration, we are dyeing a Worsted Weight kit in the ‘Blue Agave’ colorway, using white vinegar instead of the citric acid.

6. As the yarn simmers (do not boil), you may take your spoon and agitate the dye bath, but don’t poke the skein too much! It’s OK if it looks super dark (almost black). The inside will be white. The water will get clearer and clearer.

7. Once your dye bath is very light or clear (it’s OK if it’s not perfectly clear), pour out as much of the hot dye bath as you can without losing your skein down the drain! Then, dump it in the soak water to cool. This will help set the dye, and keep you from burning your hands.

8. Once the yarn has cooled, squeeze out, and rinse in cool water if necessary to remove any extra dye. Untwist to see your awesome variegated yarn!