Dye your own yarn in colors inspired by alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee
with Drunk Yarn home dyeing kits from Round Mountain Fibers!

Choose from 6 delicious colorways:
Coffee, Bourbon, Mojito, Blue Agave, Darjeeling and Sangria.

NEW dye packets allow you to dye semisolids, variegated or speckled skeins in your kitchen.

Or your friend’s kitchen. Or your break room! (Yes, you can dye them in the microwave!).

Available in Single Skein or 3-skein Gradient kits!

NEW bases! 5 fantastic Superwash Merino bases to choose from!

Each kit contains: Yarn in the base of your choice and a packet (think jello) containing Greener Shades powdered dye (no heavy metals) and organic citric acid. All you need is a stove, microwave or electric kettle (this last one needs to be for dyeing only! They are named after beverages… but please don’t eat them) and you’re on your way to dyeing your own luxury yarn! Pour yourself a nice drink (please drink responsibly), put on your favorite tunes, and dye your own yarn! Just be careful… dyeing is totally addictive. Next thing you’ll know you’ll be mixing kits and methods and dyeing up some gorgeous colorways of your own making! To see examples, visit us on social media! Click here for Facebook and Instagram.