Drunk Yarn
by Round Mountain Fibers
For Knitters who Drink!

This page is currently under construction, and is the future homepage for a site dedicated to the Drunk Yarn brand of Round Mountain Fibers. For now, please visit our Drunk Yarn page at www.roundmountainfibers.com.
Thank you, and Happy Knitting and Dyeing!

What is Drunk Yarn?

Drunk Yarn was the result of late-night musings of a group of mamas, on child-rearing and drinking. It occurred to me "Why not offer a Drunk Yarn Kit inspired by alcoholic beverages, tea, and coffee?" And so the idea was born.

Our home-dyeing kits are currently available through 50 Local Yarn Shops across the country, in these beverage-inspired colors: Sangria, Mojito, Blue Agave, Bourbon, Darjeeling and Coffee. Please visit our Where To Buy page at www.roundmountainfibers.com. 

We are in the process of expanding our Drunk Yarn brand to include gradient home-dying kits, and already-dyed yarns in these colorways! So stay tuned by following us on Facebook!

Our Kits contain our very popular (springy and durable) Round Mountain Fibers 100% Superwash Merino yarn base, dye capsules and citric acid: Everything you need to dye your own beverage-inspired yarn! For more info, visit our Drunk Yarn page at www.roundmountainfibers.com.